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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and thank you for considering Masterson's Catering. 


Your first call to a caterer is typically regarding selections and pricing and services offered.


We’ve been at this for almost 80 years now and there is not a popular cuisine we can think of that we have not had experience with.  From Regional North American, Classic French, Central African, Eastern Mediterranean, Persian, Pan Pacific and South American our culinary team loves to show off their skills. So if you are looking for a specific ethnic cuisine look no further.  We’ll even work in a supporting roll for cuisine specific celebrity or guests chefs.  We have the experience, resources and equipment to make it happen.


Rather than drop a list of menu items in your lap we like to start the process with a short interview as to your particular wants and the needs of the event.  Then let our catering coordinators consult with the chef for selections just right for your needs.



No two events are alike and therefore pricing will vary depending on many different factors.  Our catering managers will provide you with a custom itemized quote after we have the opportunity to discuss the details of your wants and needs.  If you have a set in stone budget be sure to let you catering coordinator know so that we can prepare our suggestions based on those parameters.  We will say that most full service weddings including a cocktail hour, full bar service, dinner, staffing, linens, china, silver and glassware will start out around $60.00 to $70.00 per guest.

Services and Logistics

More than anything else, the business of catering is a business of logistics.  A restaurant knows how to get freshly prepared meals to a few dinner tables at a time.  A caterer knows how to get freshly prepared meals to hundreds or thousands of guests at once in the middle of a field with no kitchen and no power.

Leading Caterers of America are an exclusively selected group of the top caterers in the country as determined by the industry professionals' leading B2B publication, Catersource Magazine.

Leading industry publication Catersource magazine recognizes these companies as the leaders in their markets and trendsetters in the industry. Through proven creativity and best business practices, they have risen to the top of their markets by consistently delivering superior results. 

These companies are selected by Catersource for membership in this elite group of movers and shakers. They are regular contributors in the publications’ content providing education, information and resources to the catering industry and they participate in annual national round-table meetings where they share and develop ideas and strategies that help shape the industry. 

If you are hosting an event in another major market please click the link below to find catering services we highly recommend.

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